martedì 9 febbraio 2021

New pattern Miss Marta bear

Buongiorno amici
Come va? 
Qui continua a piovere incessantemente! 
Spero da voi il tempo sia più clemente😊
Oggi volevo condividere con voi il nuovo cartamodello inserito nel mio Big Cartel

Hi my friends 
Today i like to share with you a new pattern in my BIG CARTEL 

Come tutti i miei cartamodelli è tradotto in inglese e la dispensa include
ABC del cucito creativo
Cartamodello in scala 1:1 pronto per essere stampato in A4
Tutti i passaggi per poterlo realizzare correlati da foto e schemi
Inoltre non mancano le tag personalizzate nel caso si volesse regalare l'orsetto 

This PDF Sewing Pattern gives you the possibility to create with your hands, this lovely Teddy Bear.

The Bear is tall 50 cm about.

This bear is multitalented:

- wonderful decoration for the children’s room, 

- playmate for the entire childhood

-beautiful gift idea for a birth, a christening, or a birthday. 

- every baby can take her on play adventures and goose cuddles help with falling asleep at night.

- beatiuful and original home decoration in every season

The handmade gifts are always appreciated for their value and their uniqueness.

The file, which is in PDF format, You will be sent BY MAIL. You will just download the file and save it on your pc.

The file is in English include:

- ABC general notions of sewing

- List of materials

- Detailed explanations with diagrams, all the steps

- 4 tags

- Patterns in scale 1: 1, ready for printing

 Buona giornata 


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