sabato 21 luglio 2018


“If you want today to be magic, you must become the magic”. You just need to close your eyes, board on the dream vessel and go with the flow.
You’ll be rocked by the waves while the dolphins will take you to my lighthouse.
We will sit on the cliffs, finishing our projects by hand, relaxing and enjoying the simple things life gives us everyday.
If you look up, in the distance, the boats dance in the wind.
We will wait for the sunset, walking on the shore with seagulls keeping us company. They fly low, their wing touch the waves.
Air gets chilly, you feel salt on your skin, hair all knotted in the wind.
It’s time to head back home.
In the lighthouse the fireplace is lit, sitting on the sofa I drink tea while the red of the sky moves to give space to the black of the night.
I look at the sky, looking for a shooting star to give my dreams to.
Here it is!
Fish&Pins is our fairytale that becomes 

The digital book is available in my  shop or you can send an email to

Enjoy your sewing days
Happy weekend

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