lunedì 16 luglio 2018

When the confused dream of an imaginary world became reality { english version}

Even if we are in July it feels like summer doesn’t want to come around this year.
I am sitting on a bench, facing the sea, at my back the wind sings through the branches. I look up, my eyes scan the bay, hoping to see the dolphins again, performing their mesmerizing dance.
I relax, my daughters play in the villa next to where I sit and I have the time to think.
I open my notebook and I start to jot down my thoughts, they all are scattered around but I am sure I’ll be able to put them in order once I am home.
It’s not always easy to put on paper our emotions, it’s something intimate and hard to explain.
But now the time has come and, after months of work, I am proud to present to you my last creation:

”Fish&Pins - stories of sea and fabrics”

Please make yourself at home, take a glass of water, relax a bit because I am about to tell you how this whole project was born, how I got inspired and what are the motivations that pushed me to finish this book.

The word that can be used to sum everything would be “simplicity” as W. Goldwig said :
” The greatest ideas are the simplest”.

My ideas are nothing near being great but we’re born from the simplicity of my childhood, the games that I played and the simple fabric I used for my projects.

From the start my mission was clear, I wanted to create something that could be beautiful just as it is, without using fancy or expensive fabrics.
I played with my beloved linen which I paired with cottons in natural colors, both in plain and striped patterns. Everything is extremely easy to find and accessible.

Brushes and paints work together with fabrics, old wood panels get refurbished and become the base for fabric appliqués.
Old techniques blend with new ones to create a new fresh mix.

Fish&Pins is inspired by the sea and my islands.
In my book I talk you trough my childhoods games, through that wonderful journey that started many years ago in my blue room, where my bunk bed was my tree-house and the table lamp the lighthouse.

“If you want today to be magic, you must become the magic”.

You just need to close your eyes, board on the dream vessel and go with the flow.
You’ll be rocked by the waves while the dolphins will take you to my lighthouse.

We will sit on the cliffs, finishing our projects by hand, relaxing and enjoying the simple things life gives us everyday.
If you look up, in the distance, the boats dance in the wind.
We will wait for the sunset, walking on the shore with seagulls keeping us company. They fly low, their wing touch the waves.

Air gets chilly, you feel salt on your skin, hair all knotted in the wind.
It’s time to head back home.

In the lighthouse the fireplace is lit, sitting on the sofa I drink tea while the red of the sky moves to give space to the black of the night.

I look at the sky, looking for a shooting star to give my dreams to.

Here it is!

Fish&Pins is our fairytale that becomes reality

Fish&Pins is made of 2 files that will be sent to you via email:
The first one contains:
  1. Presentation
  2. ABC of creative sewing
  3. Paint on wood (Dry brush technique)
  4. Paint on fabric
  5. Appliqué
  6. THREE embroidery techniques
  7. “Seagulls”
  8. “Lighthouse”
  9. “Bunting”
  10. “Whale”
  11. “Ship pillows”
  12. “Dolphin bay”
  13. “Sardine”
  14. “Teddy bear”
  15. “Jonathan Livingston”
  16. “Su-sak’s bag”

In the second file you’ll get all the patterns, in 1:1 scale, ready to be printed.

The book is available in my Etsy shop  or in BIG CARTEL G CARTEL or you can send an email to

The book is available in ENGLISH

Thank you for staying with me through this long post.
“The confuse dream of an imaginary world become reality”.


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